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Geirrod is dead? Ustin had the look of astonishment on his face. The Warlord was said to be all but buy instagram followers invincible. That is a tale that needs telling if we escape. Enough chatter, we need to get out now. The Siblings are in league with him and they have unleashed it. Hargna then pointed at me. That guard you are near, the keys are in his pocket. Sure enough they were. I grabbed them as quickly as I could and also managed not to vomit. I tossed them to Rumil who unlocked the gate. Garm, more followers on instagram who had been read more staring intently at Hel the entire time pushed the buy instagram followers gate open and ran to her side. She was not moving and had a large cut on her forearm. What foul magic has bewitched Mistress Hel? Hargna was able to answer that. Azmodeous placed her under some enchantment. She is still alive, but from what I gathered can only be buy instagram followers broken by his death. So be it. Watch over me my lady and let me bring swift retribution to the light elf. I gave Garm a quick rub on the head. He didn’t move or say anything, just kept looking at Hel. Hargna- Loki, Sigyn, and my dad went back to Svartalfheim to make sure everything there is okay. What exactly happened to you guys? He eyes took a dark turn to them. We were ambushed as soon as we entered this forsaken hall. Azmodeous was in on it from the beginning and we were all fools for blindly following him. Until then, do not have too much fun without me. We shook hands and then he went into buy instagram followers the city. It didn’t take long for him to get the guards stirred up. Between the incoherent shouting and obvious breaking of things, Thor got them moving in no time flat. The sounds of the confrontation were getting quite loud when Garm sniffed the air. Valkyrie approaches. Once she is preoccupied, we should make our move. Master Garm, buy instagram followers would you mind taking the lead on this? I trust your senses much more than I do my own. Of course Lady Elf, how to get more followers on instagram fast I will get us there as quickly and quietly as I can. We got ourselves into position by the gate. Thor had lead them off the main through way so we pushed our luck and started to head in what I hoped was the right direction. That’s when we got our all clear signal; Valkyrie was now there with Thor. Thor, put an end to this madness! What in all the realms has gotten into you? Ahh Valkyrie, what an unexpected pleasure! Still as beautiful as ever I see! We then heard a loud clapping sound. I was pretty sure Thor just smacked her on the ass. However, we didn’t stick around for anymore of this. Garm took that as the sign to go as quickly as we could and so we started our winding journey to the city center. With it being so late in the evening, we did not encounter anyone. Asgard Proper, as Thor called it, was a beautiful city. The entire place was made of different woods wrapped in steel supports. I wish I could have seen more of it, but we were on a mission and Garm was not slowing down for anything. We were booking along at a good clip when he slammed on the brakes. I wasn’t paying that close attention and nearly ran him over.

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